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Telecom based Final Year Project Topics and Ideas

Telecommunication Final Year Project Downloads:

Design of an Antenna for a Wireless Sensor Network for Trains – An antenna for a wireless sensor network for trains is designed and built. The network will monitor temperature and vibrations of the wheel bearings on the train wagons. Doing this will allow…
Download Design of an Antenna for a Wireless Sensor Network for Trains

GSM Based Control System – “GSM based Control System” implements the emerging applications of the GSM technology. Using GSM networks, a control system has been proposed that will act as an embedded system which can…
Download GSM Based Control System

SIM Structure, File Structure & Communication Protocols of Mobile Phones – A subscriber identity module or SIM is a smart card that is designed to fit into mobile phone. It provides the identification of a user to a network, allowing him or her to access such services as…
Download SIM Structure, File Structure & Communication Protocols of Mobile

Secure Mobile Voice over IP – Voice over IP (VoIP) can be defined as the ability to make phone calls and to send faxes (i.e., to do everything we can do today with the Public Switched Telephone Network, PSTN) over IP−based data networks with a suitable …
Download Secure Mobile Voice over IP

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Telecommunication Final Year Project Titles and Ideas:

Design for Synthetic Aperture Radar for Imaging Application
Design of RFID Tag Antenna matched to Micro Chip
Hardware Implementation of DICOM Standard Lossless Compression of Medical Images
Cooperative MIMO Communications over Wireless Networks
Mitigation of Scintillation Effects on GPS using MATLAB …
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