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How to create value through strategic product sample promotions: A L’Oréal case study- The Swedish beauty industry face challenges with product samples as a promotion technique. The lack of a defined strategy results in a random distribution, which leads to weak ROI. However, product samples could be…
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Analysis of Car Industry in India on the Basis of Consumer Preferences - The aim of the project was, to study and find the preferences of consumer for a specific car. Up to the end of nineties it was the monopoly of the Maruti Udyog. Now Indian Car Industry is one of the most competitive industries of the world. So the consumer is also differentiating while purchase.
Research Methodology:
The methods adopted to collect information on small car market were mainly through primary data. We did a survey in the city Bangalore which is the most important IT hub of India. We made questionnaires and did…
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Quality Online Banking Services – Globalization and deregulations have increased competition in the marketplace, as nowadays it has become much easier for companies to cross borders and compete internationally. The increased competition, on its behalf, has made organizations to constantly try increase their productivity and decrease their costs. One way for them to achieve that is by investing in information technology.
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Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception
Customer Loyalty study
Customer Profiling
Competition Analysis
Service Quality Study
Study of purchase influencing factors
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Consumer Perception Survey
Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry
A Comparative Analysis of Balanced Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund…
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