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Authentication and Authorization: Achieving Single Sign-on in an Erlang Environment – Forcing users to enter their credentials every time they want to use a service is associated with several problems. Common problems include lowered user productivity, increased administration costs and…
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Simple Railway Reservation System – For journey of longer distances though we have airways most of the people use the railways, which is most convenient, affordable means of transport in India. So keeping this in view, the reservation of railways is a most important task and it must be faster and efficient as the demand (travellers) is very high. In order to meet this demand, manual reservation is completely ruled out and it requires an efficient program to…
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Employee Work Management – This system makes the process of scheduling much easier and computerized. By this system the manager or top level designated employee can fix the schedule of any employee working under him, he even can check whether the employee is free in the particular time or in other times. Thus the top level management can easily fix the process of scheduling, and even can change the appointment which is reflected immediately to the related employee avoiding direct contact of…
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BCA Final Year Project Titles and Ideas:

Hotel Management System VB Net
Human Resources Management System VB Net
Inventory System VB Net
Membership Management System VB Net
Patient Care System VB Net
Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net
Trainee Management System VB Net
Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol VC++ …
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