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Multimedia Messaging Service Front End for Supplementary Messaging Services – The standardization forum 3GPP has specified a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) standard including an MMS Center (MMSC) that allows users to send and receive messages including…
Download Multimedia Messaging Service Front End for Supplementary Messaging Services

JAVA Based Online Shopping – This project is a web-based online shopping application developed in JAVA LANGUAGE using Java as front end. The main aim of “ONLINE SHOPPING” is to improve the services of Customers and vendors. It maintains the details of customer payments, product receipts, addition of new customers, products and also updating, deletion for the same. It also stores the details of invoices generated by customer and payments made by them with all Payments details like credit card…
Download JAVA Online Shopping Source Code

College Library Management – College Library Record Application is designed and developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the college library. The project is build using JAVA and Access. The librarian can add/delete/edit book and member details. Users can view the list of all books. The zip file contains all the necessary .java, .class, and image files. Following are some files in this archive…
Download College Library Management in JAVA Code

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E Recruitment System – Dynamic Online Professional Recruitment & Mgt System
E Career and Consultancy Services
Professional E Banking System – Online Banking Services
Net Banking with Electronics Fund Transfer
E health Care – A Strategic Management System
Web based Tele Medicine and online Health Care Consultation…

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