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How are Final Year Project Assessments done?

It is important to familiarize yourself with the assessment criteria and expected standards defined by your university and/or department.

The common standards used for assessing project are as below:


  • Relevance of chosen topic
  • Originality of chosen topic
  • Significance of findings
  • Degree to which the work is the student’s own work (as opposed to the supervisor)


  • Clarity of presentation
  • Consistency between different parts of the report
  • Degree of insight apparent from the arguments presented to support the decisions made in the project
  • Ability to differentiate between others’ thoughts and your own
  • Ability to handle references and citations
  • General stylistic impression


  • Degree of insight apparent from the arguments presented to support claims and conclusions
  • Degree of insight apparent from discussion in response to relevant questions


  • How the student performed as opponent
  • Fulfilment of deadlines and other formal requirements

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