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Final Project Report Format/Template

General Format of Final Year Project Report:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Certificate of the Project guide/Centre Manager
  4. Certificate of the Company/Organisation
  5. Synopsis of the Project
  6. Main Report:
    • Objective & Scope of the Project.
    • Theoretical Background.
    • Definition of Problem.
    • System Analysis & Design vis-a-vis User Requirements.
    • System Planning (PERT Chart).
    • Methodology adopted, System Implementation & Details of Hardware & Software used.
    • System Maintenance & Evaluation.
    • Cost and benefit Analysis.
    • Detailed Life Cycle of the Project:
      • ERD, DFD
      • Input and Output Screen Design
      • Process involved
      • Methodology used for testing
      • Test Report, Printout of the Reports, Printout of the Code Sheet
      • User/Operational Manual – including security aspects, access rights, back up, controls, etc.


  1. Brief background of the organisation where the student has developed the project.
  2. Data Dictionary – This should give a catalogue of the data elements used in the system/sub system developed. The following are the details required. Write NA if NOT applicable :
    • Data Name
    • Aliases, if any
    • Length (Size)
    • Type, Numeric, Alpha, Binary etc.
  3. List of abbreviations, Figures, Tables
  4. Reference
    • Bibliography
    • Website
  5. Soft copy of the project on CD or Floppy.

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