Problems faced in your Final Year Project and Ways to Avoid Them

Your academic project would be a demanding, but an exciting learning experience. However, it is not without problems which, if not identified and addressed, could seriously effect the final result and ultimately reduce your marks. Here we mentioned some of these problems and how to avoid them.

The “Overachiever” Problem:

A common problem is selecting a topic that is far too ambitious for the allotted time. Remember that you have only a few weeks to finish the design, development and testing of your project. Be careful not to select a topic that is unrealistically large. This can lead to frustration Continue reading

Guidelines while Presenting your Project

These are a set of guidelines that would help you when you present your project to everyone:

Talk to the audience. Avoid talking to the floor, to the wall or to the projector screen. Try to keep contact with your audience. Seek eye contact with your supervisor, examiner or even your friends who are listening. But also do so without staring at anyone.

During the talk you will of course have to face the projector screen sometimes, for example to point out details shown on the slides.. Show the slides properly. Avoid showing a slide for just a second or two before going on to the next one. In most cases, there is no way that anybody in the audience Continue reading

Project Proposal Template & Content

Below is a format and tips for preparing your initial project proposal report:

• Table of Contents

• Abstract

In one page, certainly not more than two, summarize the main features of your project, what problem it is solving and how you propose to solve it. This brief overview should give a snapshot of the overall structure of your final year project. Continue reading